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Lastly, utilizing your email system to send and get your faxes is viewed as very environmentally friendly because you're not losing restricted materials such as all those papers and inks. In addition, you're not losing energy by having a facsimile machine running 24/7, 365 days of the year. And since this is an e-mail based system, you can even block "scrap faxes" from ever reaching you or your company, which will likewise save important resources over the long run.

Online or e-mail faxing is probably the wave of the future because of the factors mentioned above; so where do you or your company base on this concern? Are you using this new contemporary method of faxing? If you said no, why not? And the genuine question here is, to remain truly competitive in today's company world, can you pay for not to use it? Like all business choices, it's your call.

Let's start at the start, for decades companies have actually been using a standard facsimile machine, typically on a dedicated fax phone line which is set up to get faxes. For big companies, this could sometimes include numerous fax lines and numbers, depending upon the variety of departments or branches within the company. Some of the major disadvantages or drawbacks: